Participative Membership

ACPACI is a dynamic organization that keeps abreast with national developments taken from active participation and involvement by all the members. The monthly membership meetings sustain the Associations affairs and closer interaction to address and take a stand on relevant issues.

Where Learning Experience Takes Place

ACPACI is an institution that builds expertise and creates an environment of learning and fellowship. The annual convention provides a broader venue for interaction and freshens exchange of ideas in major developments in national and economic issues. It offers highly interesting sessions and current topics presented by experts and knowledgeable speakers. It also serves as a forum to make a firm stand on national and social issues through resolutions and position papers as approved by its members.

Continuing Professional Education Programme

ACPACI provides a good avenue for the continuing professional education of members through a series of seminars and lectures.

Social Development And Nation Building

The association undertakes social development projects in addition to the livelihood projects conducted to promote productivity and self-reliance for target beneficiaries. Through these projects, the Association recognizes the greater task ahead of us. Fulfillment of these responsibilities includes pooling of our individual talents and resources towards the attainment of national growth and development.