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  • 2020 Tax Filing

  • 2021 Tax Filing

  • CREATE Status Update

  • CREATE Implementation

  • Reduction in Corporate Income Tax under CREATE

  • Interest Expense Arbitrage under CREATE

  • CREATE Implementation Issues

  • CREATE Disclosure in the AFS

  • Donation to Combat COVID-19 under RA11469 (RR 06-2020)

  • Donation to Combat COVID-19 under RA11469 (Bayanihan Act I)

  • Net Operating Loss Carryover (NOLCO) under RA 11494 (Bayanihan Act II)

  • Donations to Public Schools under RA 11494 (Bayanihan Act II)

  • Additional Deductions for PEZA-registered Enterprises

  • TIN  Verifier Application (RMC-13-2021)

  • Use of Electronic Signature

  • Tax Return Filing Guidelines (RMC 04-2021, 8 January 2021)

    • Mode of filing of tax returns (Manual or Electronic)​

    • Filing of Tax Returns:eFPs vs eBIRForms

    • Manner of Filing and Mode of Payment

    • Manual or over-the-counter payment

    • Check Payments

    • Electronic Payment of Taxes (eBIRForms users)

    • Unavailability of Electronic Filing/Payment Facility

    • Submission of Attachments to the Income Tax Returns (ITR)

    • eAFS (RMC82-20) as and alternative mode of submission of Attachments to ITR

    • Proof of Submission to eAFS

    • Statement of Management Responsibility (SMR)

  • Transfer Pricing (TP) Compliance Requirements in the Philippines

    • Filing of BIR Form 1709

    • TP Documentation

  • Mandatory Use of OST on Submission of AFS/GIS

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