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Complete the members onboarding process to enjoy the enhanced ACPACI experience right at your finger tips.

Apply/Renew your ACPACI Membership
This is to capture your personal information, including your most recent photo, that ACPACI can use in validating member information and in generating individual membership cards. 


Signup or Login on ACPAI website
This is to ensure that you can access member-only website pages (ie video materials, online voting) and follow other website members, and join online forums. This will also allow delegation in the maintenance of website content, particularly in posting regulatory updates.


Subscribe to ACPACI website

This is to ensure that you are automatically notified via email of any relevant regulatory and organizational updates. 


Follow ACPACI Facebook page 
Similar to Facebook individual account, but there is no limit as to number of followers, thereby supporting growth in membership. 


Join ACPACI Community

using a Mobile App
This is another way to connect with ACPACI. Stay updated, get notified about any changes and be in the know about the latest updates and events. After installing the mobile app (is Spaces), type in the code “3UEJKH”.  Members can also connect and exchange chat messages within the app, including real-time chat with ACPACI Secretariat.

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Chat with Us
Talk to us using the chat box feature of the website and mobile application.


Regularly check ACPACI Calendar
Be regularly updated with upcoming ACPACI events, conferences, summit, etc. 


Register to ACPACI events
Join ACPACI events, conferences and summit with ease using our online portal. Also, process your payment of registration fees conveniently.


Check ACPACI resources
Watch recording of previous events, download copies of presentation materials, among others.


Send Facebook friend requests
This is to ensure that you are automatically notified, and can be tagged in relevant posts. Limited only to a maximum of 5,000 friends. 

Follow ACPACI Linkedin page
This is to ensure that you are automatically notified, and allows sharing of updates within your professional network. 


Subscribe to ACPACI Youtube channel
This is to ensure that you are automatically notified with new video uploads. 

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