Public Seminars

The Association of CPAs in Commerce and Industry regularly conducts public webinars on a monthly basis in order to advance the professional development needs of its members.

Our pool of speakers in our seminars are the leaders in their fields and are equally passionate in sharing their invaluable talent and time to our members. 


National Summit

The Association of CPAs in Commerce and Industry, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Commerce and Industry Sector, Metro Manila Geographical Area Office, Metro Manila Region and PICPA Southern Metro Manila Chapter conducts an annual summit every January. 

This year marks the 2nd National Summit of CPAs in Commerce and Industry Sector. It was held virtually last January 28-29, 2021 with the theme “STRENGTHENING ACCOUNTANCY’S COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY SECTOR FOR TOMORROW’S CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES”. 

This year's summit aims to enlighten the delegates on various issues affecting the CPAs in the commerce and industry sector, their practice and business, the accountancy profession, the economy, their integrity, and the ever-changing environment that they are working in. This will help them better understand their roles to be able to provide what are expected from them, and to become an essential component of the entire economic value chain.


General Membership Meetings

ACPACI regularly conducts General Membership Meetings. This is a benefit and a privilege for its esteemed members, to achieve the Association’s goal of becoming a catalyst and advocate of world-class accounting professionals.

The Association also spearheads topics and activities through its General Membership Meetings, in order to equip its membership with the latest trends and insights in the field of accounting and finance. In this endeavor, its membership – and the association – can become a globally-competent, relevant, and compelling group of Filipino accountants.